Why does your venue needs a Hearing Augmentation System?

  • Distance from the sound source, background noise, and reverberation combine to degrade signal intelligibility, making it difficult for people to hear and understand speech in large rooms.

  • The challenge becomes greater for people with hearing loss.  The best public address systems, combined with the best hearing aid and/or cochlear implant, cannot solve the intelligibility problems faced by people with hearing loss. It prevents people with hearing loss from participating on equal terms with hearing people in large assembly areas.

  • With approximately 1 in 6 people in Australia will experience hearing loss in their lifetimes, the issue is not greatly discussed. This number is expected to rise to 1 in 4 by 2050 due ageing population and being exposed to dangerously loud noise.

  • Hearing Augmentation System or Assistive Hearing System will provide people with hearing loss equal access in all venues, enable your business to reach out your audience and achieve your communication objective.

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Which Hearing Loops is best suited for your venue?