Hearing Loops Melbourne provides a wide range of Ampetronic Assistive Listening Solutions. 

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Ampetronic established in 1987 are innovators in the full range of induction loop / hearing loop systems and technologies, working as specialists in the field for 30 years.

  • Sound Quality – excellent quality sound, designed to eliminate clipping, limiting and distortion ensuring faithful reproduction of higher frequency sounds (2 – 5kHz) that are critical for speech intelligibility and the enjoyment of music.

  • Reliability and Warranties – backed by a 5 year warranty on Ampetronic products.

  • Compliance – ISO9001 registered company and comply with the International Standard IEC60118-14 for induction loop system.

  • Versatility –  suitable for a diverse range of applications.

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Room System up to 3300m sq

Ampetronic Amplifier

Loss Control or High Metal MultiLoop Systemsstack-profile-D14-and-D10

Low-Spill MultiLoop Confidentiality Systems

Ampetronic Amplifier

Counter Systems

Ampetronic Amplifier

Help Points and Intercoms

Help points and intercoms


Ampetronic Amplifier

Rugged Environment

Ampetronic Amplifier

Lifts (elevators)

Lifts System

High Power Systems

Ampetronic Amplifiers