Dynamic Soundfield, a new new era in Room Hearing Augmentation and Voice Amplification.

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Phonak, a member of the Sonova Group, with corporate headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, has developed, produced and distributed technologically leading hearing and radio systems for more than 60 years. In doing so, Phonak combines profound knowledge in hearing technology and acoustics with an intense cooperation with hearing care experts. The goal is to improve the hearing ability and the language recognition of people with hearing loss, thus adding to their quality of life.

Phonak offers a full product range of digital hearing and additional radio solutions. With locations all over the world, Phonak is a driving innovative force, setting new performance and miniaturization standards.

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DigiMaster 5000     

Phonak’s DigiMaster 5000 system fits the bill perfectly for regular sized classrooms. Featuring one portable DigiMaster loudspeaker (supplied with wall mount and available with optional floor stand) and with the wireless inspiro speaker transmitter, this system offers the ultimate in instant sound performance.

The DigiMaster 5000 features no less than 12 individual high-quality loudspeakers, all housed in a robust aluminum frame. The ratio between the speaker’s speech signal and undesired background noise (a.k.a. the Signal to Noise Ratio or SNR) is much more favorable using this kind of loudspeaker design. This is especially true when listeners are sat further away from the speaker, where they need high sound quality the most.


DigiMaster 7000

Phonak’s DigiMaster 7000 is the Dynamic SoundField system of choice for larger classrooms, lecture halls and auditoriums

This double loudspeaker system can cover more than twice the area of one DigiMaster 5000 with sound. (DigiMaster 7000 loudspeakers are supplied with wall mounts and optional floor stands are also available).

The DigiMaster 7000 features 15 individual high-quality loudspeakers, which are again housed in a highly robust aluminum frame.



Inspiro is Phonak’s award-winning wireless Dynamic FM transmitter and is already used in tens of thousands of buildings around the world.



Choose Headworn EasyBoom for the best sound performance, and for increased simplicity and flexibility, choose shirt-worn  iLapel.



The DynaMic passaround microphone is ideal when there are extra presenters or during Q&A session when receiving questions from the audience. (Stand not included).


Inspiro AudioHub

inspiro audioHub allows you to easily play one or two audio sources through a Dynamic SoundField DigiMaster loudspeaker, transmit to any Phonak FM receivers in the room, or both simultaneously.

Designed to work alongside inspiro as a secondary transmitter on Phonak’s MultiTalker Network, the inspiro audioHub can connect to any multimedia device with an audio out jack such as interactive whiteboards, televisions, radios, computers and MP3 players.

Simply run a cable from your audio device into the back of the audioHub to hear its audio output clearly through your DigiMaster speaker or FM receivers. If your audio source does not have a volume control, just adjust the audioHub’s volume instead.

The audioHub also has a valuable second function – as an inspiro charger. Just slot your inspiro into the hub to replenish its battery life when not in use.

  • Dynamic SoundField & FM compatible

  • 2 audio inputs

  • Built-in inspiro charger

  • Easy to use

  • H-Band and N-Band compatibleWell Hearing is Well Being - Overview | PhonakPro


inspiro audioHub














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