How Do RF Systems Work?

The RF or FM Systems consist of two parts involving the users obtaining the transmitter and receiver, setting the transmission frequency between the equipment and select the audio input:


1. Radio Transmitter

Most Transmitters usually comes with microphone, an audio input and frequency selection. There is a wide selection of transmitters for the user to select from to provide a solution for their individual lifestyle.  There are also microphones that pick up from greater distances with functions that give the user more control over the quality and clarity of sound they receive and others with features that include Bluetooth and a Transmitter Receiver.


2. Radio Receiver

Most Receivers have different physical outlines, functions and methods of working with hearing aids or cochlear implants. One functional difference is that some receivers have an inbuilt microphone which depending on the situation can be used without the transmitter.


3. Set Transmission Frequency and Select Audio Input

The transmitter captures the sound via a microphone or a direct connection to a sound source and transmits to the receiver.  The speech/sound will be picked up closer to or connected directly to the sound source and transmitted to the individual, providing greater clarity of speech/sound.