PortaLOOP™ is a versatile Desktop Induction Loop Assistance, a simple solution for a temporary area or if you need to provide a loop system at a number of counters without a permanent installation.
The PortaLOOP™ unit is powered by a rechargeable battery and is always ready for immediate use if charged. It comes with an automatic “power off” feature that switches off after 20mins to conserve battery life.  No installation works are required. Hearing aid wearers only have to switch their device to the ‘T’ or telecoil position to hear speech clearly.

The PortaLOOP™ can be used on a one-to-one basis or in meeting room locations. The electro-magnetic field extends to a maximum of 1.2M diameter from the unit.


  • Easy to use as no installation works are required;
  • Simple solution with no trailing wires or parts to lose;
  • Neat and compact;
  • Incorporates microphone, amplifier, and rechargeable battery system;
  • Simple status indication;
  • On/Off switch and dual colour LED light;
  • Custom logo can be printed on the front panel of the unit;
  • Dimensions  250mm x 250mm x 100mm.